Upon the death of Crown Prince Yusuf İzzeddin Efendi in 1916, Mehmed Tevfik (Biren) Bey took over the management of the property he left behind as his guardian. In this way, documents shaped around issues such as the distribution of income among family members, expenditures, and management of property have reached a significant total and become an independent collection.

The people for whom Tevfik Bey took responsibility are Yusuf İzzeddin Efendi's wives, Câvidan, Fâika Tâzende, Emine Nâzikedâ and Leman Hanım, and their children Mehmed Nizameddin Efendi, Hatice Şükriye and Mihriban Mihrişah Sultans.

The collection, which covers the years 1916-1968 and consists of 4,048 documents, is classified in three groups: 1. Letters and other documents, 2. Dynasty, 3. Receipts.

1. Letters and other documents: The documents in this group, consisting of a total of 991 records, consist of mutual correspondence between family members, those who serve under the family, those who have relations with the family, Tevfik Bey and his wife Naciye Neyyal Hanım. The subject of the correspondence is mainly related to requests for money from Tevfik Bey due to financial difficulties.

2. Dynasty: The documents in this group, consisting of a total of 7 records, shed light on one aspect of the events that took place before and after the law that abolished the Caliphate and excluded the members of the dynasty from the Ottoman Empire on March 3, 1924. Documents related to real estate abroad, especially in Greece inherited from Pertevniyal Valide Sultan, have a special importance.

3. Receipts: This group, consisting of 332 records, includes salary payments of employees affiliated with the family, accounting records kept for the money sent to children abroad and given to women in Istanbul, receipts for food, repairs and other miscellaneous expenses.