The document collection of language, history, literature researcher and poet Orhan Şâik Gökyay has been classified under 9 general headings, 106 files, 2069 records.

Classification titles and contents are as follows:

Personal Documents: O. Ş. Gökyay’s diplomas, identity cards, seminar participation certificates, honorary certificates, photographs and documents about the Turanism Case in which he was tried;

Personal Correspondence: O. Ş. Gökyay’s correspondence with many people and institutions at home and abroad;

Poems: O. Ş. Gökyay’s published poems, poetry essays and poems sent to him;

Academic Studies: Various studies in the field of literature, history and folklore in general;

Professional Studies: O. Ş. Documents created during Gökyay’s work as Ankara State Conservatory Director, Ministry of National Education Inspector, London Cultural Attaché, Literature teacher and his studies at the Turkish Language Association between 1939 and 1940;

Translations: Translations consisting mostly of Clemans Brentano’s works;

His books: Study notes on the books he published under the names of Dede Korkut, Katip Çelebi and Molla Lütfi, studies on the works of some writers such as Mercimek Ahmed, Ahmed Rasim, Gelibolulu Mustafa Âlî and Zekeriyyazâde, which he translated into today’s Turkish;

Articles: O. Ş. Gökyay’s notes on his own articles and copies of articles belonging to various people;

Miscellaneous: There are various materials that cannot be included in the above subject headings.